The Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education (HPE) are designed to be the premier provider of health professions education for the Military Health System (MHS). Through leadership in teaching, research, and scholarship, the Graduate Programs in HPE provide direct benefit to the uniformed services and other federal agencies by producing a cadre of leaders with expertise in the field of health professions education.

Given current challenges, such as the explosion of medical knowledge and the emergence of information technologies, Department of Defense (DoD) individuals with expertise in relevant theories, teaching, and leadership are needed to provide future healthcare professionals with the training and education necessary to become lifelong learners. In addition, advanced degrees in HPE are increasingly emphasized as a requirement for academic leadership positions in the healthcare system in North America. The MHS has a pressing need for physicians with educational expertise to serve as leaders in undergraduate and graduate medical education. All services have suffered a significant attrition of senior ranking physician-educators and program leaders through retirements, separations, and changes in promotion pathways; yet the number and scope of our educational programs continue to expand.

The overarching goal of the Graduate Programs in HPE is to educate practitioners who will serve as academic leaders (e.g., deans, program directors, department heads) and will contribute to the continuous advancement of health professions education and research. Graduates of the program are uniquely situated to take major leadership roles within the MHS.