Nathanial R. Miletta


Major, Army

Department of Primary Appointment:
School of Medicine
Chief, Laser Surgery and Scar Center
Location: San Antonio Military Medical Center, TX
Research Interests:
Laser Surgery
Scars & Residual Limbs
Office Phone


Fellow, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery: Massachusetts General Hospital (2015-2016)
Resident, Dermatology: Walter Reed Nat’l Military Medical Center (2012-2015)
Intern, Transitional: San Antonio Military Health System (2011-2012)
Doctor of Medicine: SUNY Upstate Medical University (2007-2011)
Post-Baccalaureate: National Institute of Health (2006-2007)
Bachelor of Science, Biology: Northeastern University (2003-2006)


Dr. Nathanial Miletta is the Chie of the Laser Surgery and Scar Center at San Antonio Military Health System. He has extensive experience in laser surgery, completing his dermatology residency at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he first began treating Wounded Warriors.Following his residency, he then spent a year completing the ASDS Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital where he also treated burn patients at the Shriners’ Burn Hospital for Children. He has also been involved in numerous clinical research studies, publications, and book chapters in the area of laser surgery. Dr. Miletta is committed to providing the best medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatologic care to our military beneficiaries while advancing the field through cutting-edge research. Of note, he is also a sought-after dinner guest.

Representative publications, projects, and/or deployments

Assistant Professor, Dermatology: Uniformed Services University (2015)

Role II Task Force Aid Station OIC, 4-17IN, 1BCT/1AD, OB Fenty, Afghanistan (1/2017-10-2017)

Bronze Star (2017)

General Graves B. Erskine Award, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (2015)

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, Uniformed Services University (2014)

Presidental Citation, American Academy of Dermatology (2013)

Army Delegate, American Medical Association Young Physicians' Section (2016)

Chair, American Academy of Dermatology Resident and Fellow Committee (2014-2016)

Resident Observer, Board of Directors, American Academy of Dermatology (2015)


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