We use an engaging, rigorous academic framework to teach basic and complex principles of dermatology. Students learn in classrooms, laboratories, and at the patient's bedside to gain a holistic understanding of the various conditions affecting human skin. Our students are taught by renowned experts in the field who are committed to sound patient care and pioneering research designed to improve major and minor skin problems and diseases.

Students at USU have an introductory day in the dermatology clinic at WRNMMC, where they view demonstrations of various common procedures (e.g. cryotherapy, lasers, biopsies, cosmetic procedures) and patients with common dermatological disorders. Interested students also frequently work directly with Walter Reed residents on research activities and additional time shadowing dermatologists in clinic. Students may take dermatology clinical rotations and have the opportunity to pursue a capstone project in dermatology in the fourth year.

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Students may complete a 4-week clinical rotation at WRNMMC or other military locations, where they work with dermatologists and dermatology to provide all aspects of dermatologic care to patients. They gain experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic disorders and perform many basic procedures, including skin biopsies and cryotherapy as well as assist in surgical procedures.


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Military Dermatology Residency Programs


certification board pass rate over the last decade from the dermatology residency at WRNMMC