The Student Interest Group Neurology (SIGN) is an active student led group fully sponsored and recognized by the American Academy of Neurology. SIGN is open to all students enrolled at USUHS regardless of year or service affiliation. Students who are interested in neurology and psychiatry are encouraged to join. Those who haven’t yet decided what specialty they want to pursue are also highly encouraged to join so they can find out more about neurology and what life is like as a military neurologist. Lunch meetings are held throughout the year and include topics on neurology lifestyle, residency application, small group discussion, and case presentations. Student members will also have access to the neurology shadowing calendar where they can sign up to attend clinic or ward rounds with real life neurology staff and residents! A neurology quiz show and volunteer opportunities are in development.

  • Faculty Advisor:  LTC Brett J. Theeler, MD,
  • Faculty Research Advisor:  LCDR Kent Werner, MD PhD,
  • SIGN President:  2d Lt Grace Roe, USU Class of 2026,
  • SIGN Vice President:  2LT Stefan Stoica, USU Class of 2026,
  • SIGN Secretary:  2d Lt Jessica Sherwood, USU Class of 2026, 

Lumbar Puncture Simulation Laboratory - Neurology 4th Year Clerkship