Over a third of active duty service members experience a chronic physical health conditions during their lifetime and most members engage in health behaviors that may negatively impact their health (e.g., overeating, getting insufficient sleep, and/or smoking/e-cigarette). As many as 50% of deployed military members are expected to return with a pain condition. Almost 30% of active-duty service members report needing behavioral health services in the past 12 months. Given that 93.2% of active duty service members report having a routine checkup, most often in primary care settings, it is important to understand whether behavioral health interventions provided in these settings are effective. The DoD is one of the leaders in world of integrating behavioral health providers into primary care settings.

Books Published by Dr. Goodie

  • Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care
  • Biopsychosocial Assessment in Clinical Health Psychology



  1. The effectiveness of interventions provided by behavioral health providers integrated into primary care settings
  2. Relations between biopsychosocial factors and the development and course of medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, and sleep problems. Dr. Goodie also maintains research interests in disaster behavioral health and education effectiveness.


of active duty servicemembers have a routine medical check-up every two years


of active-duty service members experienced probable depression, generalized anxiety disorders, and/or probable PTSD


of active duty service members report at least one lifetime chronic physical health condition


of active duty service members reported that they were bothered a lot by at least one physical symptom during the last 30 days


Currently Dr. Goodie is serving as a partnering PI on a $7.3M grant investigating the effectiveness of integrated behavioral health providers for targeting chronic pain. Recent student projects have focused on the effectiveness of IBHCs to target depression and anxiety symptoms and the relations between combat exposure and motor vehicle accidents.

Getting Results

The Primary Care Behavioral Health models is one of the most popular models for integrating behavioral health providers into primary care. In this paper, Dr. Goodie and colleagues review the current state of the science and provide a pathway for future research.

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A study published in 2017 found the behavioral health consultants integrated into primary care improved PTSD symptoms among active duty military members. The study was described as “groundbreaking.”

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Clinical psychology students at USU have recently been incorporated into the Bushmaster training. In this 2018 publication we describe how participation in Bushmaster enhances the students training.

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