We provide the best basic surgical training to medical students who will become Uniformed Services physicians. Our graduates are destined to care for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our country and provide care for them and their families within the Military Health System.


The Department of Surgery at USU utilizes the Anatomy Teaching Laboratory (ATL) as the primary learning center for teaching clinical anatomy to the School of Medicine (SOM), Graduate School of Nursing (GSN), Postgraduate Dental College (PDC), and other medical specialty groups.


 Its main function is to serve as the focal point for instruction in Gross Anatomy to over 300 medical and nursing students, faculty, and staff from 16 Clinical Centers and Institutes and 19 departments in the SOM, and post-graduate attendees of 28 military readiness courses that the DOS annually conducts.

Traditional cadaveric dissection is combined with the use of prosected specimens, computer-based didactics, simulation-lab models, interactive clinical dialogues, and selective focused-interest “boot camps” to provide a varied and integrated approach to instruction.

The Department is currently planning to expand the resources and services provided by the ATL by integrating clinically relevant instruction and practices into the curriculum through interaction and collaborations with faculty and staff at Walter Reed.