Improve the diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of DoD cancer patients through innovative clinical research, care, and education. Through coordination and alignment with tri-service cancer research initiatives throughout the MHS, the MCCRP enhances the readiness of the military, its families, and beneficiaries. The MCCRP employs the unique resources of the DoD leveraged with other Federal and civilian partners to enhance cancer care for service members and DoD beneficiaries.



As the only DoD-designated Cancer Center of Excellence the MCCRP is the nexus of cancer services and support for the MHS with clinical and translational research cancer programs fully integrated with USU, NCI, VA, and other federal and non-federal organizations.



Following the Quadruple Aim of the MHS to achieve a high level of readiness, improved population health, high experience of care, and lower per capita costs, the John P. Murtha Cancer Research Program (MCCRP) was established to manage cancer care for the DoD. MCCRP is the only DoD Center of Excellence (CoE) for Cancer Care. MCCRP has integrated three congressionally directed translational cancer research programs: Center for Prostate Disease Research, GYN Cancer CoE and Clinical Breast Cancer Project and prioritizes additional research on cancers specific to the military populations, occupations, and deployments. The MCCRP partners with federal agencies such as NIH, NCI, VA, and the DoE, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. It has established collaborative relationships with civilian cancer centers, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The MCCRP builds upon its success through constant innovation and improvement in its level of research and care. It is imperative that cancer care advances alongside the constantly evolving research field to optimize cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Successful cancer care throughout the MHS is vital both in terms of providing the approximately 1,000 new cancer cases that are diagnosed each year within the U.S. active duty military population with high-level care and securing a healthy and ready Joint Force capable of facing the complex challenges of the future. As indicated by the Joint Staff-approved ASD(HA) Initial Capabilities Document, the goal for the MHS is that cancer is prevented, screened for, detected, treated, cured, and rehabilitated, or impacts of cancer and cancer treatment are mitigated so service members are returned to duty, re-classified to a new duty position, or reintegrated into civilian life with highest quality of life. MCCRP’s cancer educational and clinical research capabilities are designed to effectively and efficiently support a medically ready force and provide world-class cancer services for the MHS.

Under the RESEARCH tab, please see the MCCRP 2022 Annual Report for the latest Murtha Research Network, PROMETHEUS, APOLLO, Framingham and MCCRP Biobank updates.