Over the past thirty years, the concept of attaching an external prosthesis directly to the skeleton has become a reality. At least six unique designs have been developed and tested in patients with major extremity amputations, worldwide. The technique is particularly attractive to those with combat-related amputations because many have difficulty with traditional socket-based prostheses. However, the procedure itself requires expertise from a variety of specialists including Orthopaedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Rehabilitation Physicians, Therapists, and Prosthetists. Rather than foster dependence on a single implant at a single center, the Osseointegration Program is developing osseointegration as a capability within Military Medicine through advanced training, the establishment of clinical trials, and the development of best practices guidelines for osseointegration. The USU-WRNMMC team now has first-hand surgical experience with all currently available osseointegrated implant systems worldwide, ensuring the DoD stands ready to treat any and all military beneficiaries, no matter where osseointegration was performed.


  • Most OI Experience of any U.S. hospital at Walter Reed
  • Currently conducting three Osseointegration clinical trials at WRNMMC
  • OI Quality Registry: we are supervising the development of an International registry
  • Subject Matter Experts for several programs developing complementary technology
  • Training Surgeons and rehab physicians from other MTFs
  • DoD Osseointegration Program awarded Best Poster Presentation at 2017 MHSRS