The Military Orthopaedics Tracking Injuries and Outcomes Network (MOTION) Program provides an enterprise system for the novel collection of musculoskeletal health outcome measures. The study of objective injury and surgical outcomes addresses a critical gap in Military Health System care which is traditionally limited in the longitudinal evaluation and quality of care. The unique aspects of the soldier-athlete and the MHS provide a unique and transformative opportunity to advance clinical outcomes of musculoskeletal care.

MOTION utilizes a web-based system to administer patient reported outcomes (PRO) measurements and military-specific readiness questions following musculoskeletal injury and management. The objective evaluation of patient outcomes enables the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to improve military health and readiness, mitigate long-term physical sequelae following injury, promote military career longevity, and improve post-military service quality of life. Additionally, the MOTION program provides a platform to assess value-based MHS care where the value is measured as a ratio of outcomes to cost of care.

Enhanced patient outcome data collection creates a culture of accountability and better enables clinicians to provide reliable and effective health services. Reliable and effective health services will aid in maintaining, restoring, and improving health. Collectively, the enhancements provided by MOTION will culminate in a more medically ready force and a ready medical force.



military treatment facilities, covering all services and the NCR


unique musculoskeletal cases


presentations at national and international meetings


year invitation to serve on the Research Committee of the American Thyroid Association (2017-2020)