Our educational program within the School of Medicine is unique, for in addition to the traditional biomedical sciences that prepare students for careers in preventive and curative healthcare, students are taught how to work in adverse physiological and psychological environments. Our medical students also receive comprehensive instruction in the art of military-medical leadership, and participate in an array of training experiences that are designed to cultivate strong leadership skills. Our curriculum is comprehensive and is both clinically and academically rigorous, as it is specifically designed to support the educational needs of the uniformed services.

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There is no cost to attend USU.  Not only is tuition waived, but all active duty students are paid as junior officers.  In exchange, military graduates incur obligated service time (Army, Navy, Air Force, Public Health Service) to serve their nation as medical professionals.  This obligated time does count toward a federal retirement. Check each degree for service information.

Students in the MD program are active duty and receive active duty benefits.

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Students in the Masters' and PhD programs receive military benefits if they are active duty, but civilians receive a salary/stipend for their lab work. PhD students are typically provided with some textbooks and other material.

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Around the University

Military readiness is the top priority of USU with many different field experiences carefully created to ensure students are prepared for any scenario they may find themselves in throughout their military career from medical dive medicine to mountain medicine courses to courses that are a part of the curriculum like Operation Bushmaster.

Military Specific Curriculum

Our Military has been at the forefront of medical innovation throughout the history of our country. Learn more about where the military has lead the way toward new products, surgeries, and breakthroughs as well as the legacy of USU in meeting those milestones.

Military Readiness

USU is the home of the National Capital Consortium, the largest sponsor of Graduate Medical Education for the Military Health System, educating physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals who care for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines of all ages, and their families.

National Capital Consortium