The Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences, Psychology and Public Health are committed to excellence in the didactic and research education of masters and doctoral degree students. We educate academic professionals pursuing careers that support the nation through service in the government or public sectors.

Our graduate students are integral partners in advancing biomedical and behavioral research, and public health practice here at the university and around the world. They not only participate in and enrich the intellectual and scientific work of the laboratories in which they are educated, they represent the next generation of scholars who will overcome the scientific challenges that will confront practitioners of military medicine and public health.


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“USU’s graduate students, as well as our post-doctoral trainees, learn from, work with, and assist USU faculty members who are generating the high impact science that advances military medicine and promotes global health security.”

Eric Elster, M.D.


Excellence. Graduate Education at USU trains both civilian and uniformed students together, allowing for unique connections in the classroom and research settings. These particular collaborations underscore USU’s mission to create an academic environment rich with diversity of thought and focused on service beyond self.

Collaboration. We are home to several prestigious research centers within the federal government, including the Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine, the Collaborative Health Initiative Research Program, and the Murtha Cancer Center. These research centers provide graduate students with an unparalleled network of opportunity for scientific understanding, exposure, and professional growth.

Support. From orientation through graduation, students will be surrounded by supportive faculty and administrators who will mentor them in critical thinking and effective action. USU gives students the tools to develop not only as knowledge experts, but as a competent professionals equipped to influence and contribute to society productively and with integrity.

Opportunity. With no tuition, and for civilian students, no payback time commitment, students are uniquely positioned to thrive and succeed as they move forward.






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LIFE BEYOND USU: leadership in research, education, and clinical care

USU graduates are highly successful in forging rewarding  research, clinical and teaching  careers in government, military, academia and biotechnology. Many PhD graduates continue their training and serve in coveted positions  in Federal government agencies including the National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Veterans Administration Medical Centers, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Agency for International Development, National Park Service, U.S. Patent Office, and the Indian Health Service. From these positions, our graduates help to shape the nation’s scientific and health care trajectory by participating in cutting-edge research, policymaking and grant administration. Some graduates continue to serve the Department of Defense as providers within Military Treatment Facilities, from within the Pentagon or at esteemed military academies and research institutions, including USU. Others hold traditional postdoctoral or faculty positions at top universities and other academic institutions throughout the country, or enter the private sector through jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, behavioral health, policy, business, and law. No matter the path, USU graduates are well-equipped for fulfilling and challenging careers that positively influence all aspects of military and civilian health.




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