PhD in Environmental Health Sciences


The PhD degree program in Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) offers extensive classroom and research experience in the field of environmental health sciences and in selected subspecialties concerned with the health effects of biological, chemical, physical, and radiological hazards encountered in air, soil, and water. Completion of this doctoral degree program requires both independent scholarship and original research. A faculty advisor will help plan a highly personalized individualized program of study to meet the unique needs, research interests, and professional goals of each doctoral student. Graduates will have the training and experience necessary to enter research and/or operational careers in the environmental health sciences and have the expertise to support military operations worldwide.


Environmental Health Science, PhD


Qualified active duty uniformed officers serving in fields related to environmental health will be preferentially reviewed for admission to the PhD programs in Environmental Health Science. Civilian applicants are considered on a space available basis with preference given to health professionals sponsored by other U.S. government agencies. At a minimum, applicants for both programs must have a Master’s degree from an accredited academic institution before matriculation at USU with an outstanding academic record (undergraduate and graduate transcripts and GRE scores) and documented successful completion of rigorous coursework related to their desired area of graduate study.


  • A complete employment history
  • A personal statement describing how the applicant became interested in public health and how they envision incorporating the training they would receive in their future careers
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic, professional, and/or military service background.
  • Active-duty Uniformed Services personnel must obtain the sponsorship of their parent organization and should mention in their packet of where they stand in the process of obtaining sponsorship

Additional Application Requirements


Deadline for full consideration of applications is December 1st for matriculation the following August.

If active duty service members require a letter of competitiveness or early consideration for admission before that date, they should notify the University’s Graduate Education office. Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, especially as they concern the needs of the Uniformed Services.



Tuition: $0

Fees: $0

Equipment: $0

Tuition and fees are waived for all students.


A limited number of pre-doctoral teaching/research assistantship salaries are available for civilian graduate students in PhD programs through the Graduate Education Office.


USU maintains a special fund to finance doctoral student research. This resource is designed to provide funds to graduate students in addition to those provided by their major advisor. Funds are available to graduate students who have completed two years of graduate study at USU or who have been advanced to candidacy and are devoting a majority of their time to their dissertation research. Graduate research funds are currently available for two academic years. Funding beyond two years is evaluated on a case by case basis and must be approved by the Graduate Education Committee. In recent years, the maximum amount of funds available each year to eligible graduate students has varied between $1,500 and $2,500.


Civilian students do not incur service obligation to the United States government after the completion of their graduate studies.

Active-duty Uniformed Services personnel may incur an obligation for additional service in accordance with the applicable regulations governing sponsored graduate education.