The National Capital Consortium (NCC) is the sponsoring institution for all military Graduate Medical Education programs in the National Capital Region (Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C) and is the largest GME sponsor for the Military Health System, educating physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals who care for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines of all ages, and their families. 

The NCC includes USU and WRNMMC, as well as the Malcolm Grow Medical Clinics & Surgery Center, Joint Base Andrews, MD, and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Fort Belvoir, VA. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is in immediate proximity to the Bethesda campus, and numerous reciprocal clinical and educational opportunities are available to fellows.

Currently the NCC sponsors 66 programs with ~700 trainees. All programs and the institution are fully accredited. For the last academic year, the NCC had a 98% Board Certification pass rate for first time board takers. In addition, the 528 key clinical faculty had 431 publications, 1127 conference presentations and 144 book chapters published. The residents/fellows had 188 publications; 826 conference presentations and 42 book chapters published.

NCC Mission

The NCC's mission is to educate and generate physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to care for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines of all ages, and their families. Through their diverse training, these military health care providers are the premiere platform of expert clinicians trained in the scope of practice required to support the healthcare needs of military operational forces and humanitarian missions. NCC trainees are prepared to be adaptable and effective leaders throughout their careers.

The NCC provides a robust scholarly environment and a dedication to excellence in both education and healthcare that will enhance the field of military medicine. The NCC is dedicated to instilling in these trainees the ethical values and standards expected for those devoting their lives to public service.

The NCC adamantly supports the opportunity to work and learn in a diverse and inclusive environment that builds upon the contributions of everyone, which is not just a privilege but a right. The NCC, by providing leadership, resources and oversight, complies with the ACGME Institutional Requirements and ensures NCC-sponsored programs comply with the ACGME Program Requirements.




residency and fellowship programs


Board Certification pass rate for first time board takers



What We Do

At the NCC, our military physician trainees are pursuing careers in various medical and surgical specialties, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and science-based medicine. They are dedicated in their quest to become highly skilled, board-certified surgeons prepared to care for our service men and women both at home and abroad in the patriotic defense of our Nation and our Nation’s interests.


Residency and Fellowship Programs

NCC faculty leaders have years of experience in health care delivery, scientific research, advancements in medicine, and an understanding of the unique population that includes Active Duty service members, Guard and Reserve, family members, and retirees, thus giving physician trainees a more unique perspective on military medicine before they begin their specialty practice.



Board of Directors

Eric A. Elster, MD, FACS, FRCSEng (Hon.), Dean F Edward Hebert School of Medicine, USUHS

School of Medicine

Jack Davis, BG, NC, USA, Director


RADM ANNE SWAP, MSC, USN, Director, National Capital Medical Directorate


COL Kathleen Spangler, NC, USA, Director

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital

Col Jason J. Lennen, USAF, BSC, Commander

316th Medical Group

Administrative Office

Dr. Jerri Curtis

Jerri Curtis, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret), Executive Director & DIO, NCC,

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, School of Medicine, USUHS

Barton "Butch" Welbourn, DDS, CAPT, DC, USN(Ret), Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, USUHS, Deputy Director, NCC
Stephenye Tyler, MS, FACHE, Supervisory, Program Support Specialist, USU & Compliance Officer, NCC

Executive Committee

Jerri Curtis, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret), Designated Institutional Official, Executive Director
Barton "Butch" Welbourn, DDS, CAPT, DC, USN(Ret), Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, USUHS, Deputy Director, NCC
COL Maureen Petersen, MC, USA, Chief, Graduate Medical Education/Graduate Dental Education, WRNMMC
Robert E. Manaker, MD, Chief, Graduate Medical Education, FBCH
Lt Col Stephen Stouder, USAF, MSC, Director of Medical Education, 316th Medical Group