Assistant Professor of Gynecologic Surgery & Obstetrics (GSO)


What is an Assistant Professor?

Assistant professors of GSO are Obstetrician/Gynecologists (MD/DO) or PhD researchers who support the Women's Health community through education, training, research, and scholarship. Candidates for Assistant Professor:

  • Are involved in the direct or virtual support of USU medical students, uniformed GSO residents and fellows, staff OBGYNs, midwives, and colleagues.  Educational activities may also include teaching women's health knowledge and skills to military physician assistants, advanced practice nursing students, corpsmen and medics, as well as support and mentorship to other non-GSO military graduate medical education programs.
  • Have demonstrated potential for achievement and capacity for productivity in the different areas of Scholarship as described fully in USU Instruction 1100A and summarized below:

Teaching: Exhibits ability to effectively transfer knowledge to students and lead students to think critically and purposefully 

Discovery/Integration: Demonstrates ability to successfully conceive, execute, and report on research
Application: Holds appropriate degrees and training, is board eligible or board certified and is privileged at affiliated hospitals 

Institutional Citizenship: Actively participates on department or institutional committees 


  • Demonstrated achievement in the above Scholarship domains
  • Board eligible or certified for MD/DO
  • Completed residency training
  • Department Chair approval

How do I apply?

What makes an appointment tenure eligible or ineligible?

The information on tenure eligibility is detailed in the USUHS Instruction 1100A. Below are some of the primary distinctions from the Instruction 1100A:

  • Military faculty positions are tenure ineligible.
  • Prefixed appointments are tenure ineligible.
  • The tenure-eligible track is restricted to civilian faculty who commit full-time effort and responsibilities to the USU SOM programs, including assigned duties at the SOM affiliated institutions. Appointment to the tenure-eligible track is based on specific criteria and institutional needs and is open to scientists and clinicians.


What do I do once I’m appointed?

  • Continue to engage in your own research and education at your site
  • Get involved in USU research and education opportunities
  • Network with other faculty
  • Participate in Faculty Development
  • Prepare for academic promotion


How do I prepare for academic promotion to associate professor?

  • Identify a mentor and establish a development plan. 
  • Learn about the continued academic advancement through faculty development.