Uniformed obstetricians and gynecologists are clinical, educational, and research leaders in and out of the operating rooms throughout the Military Health System. As the academic center, USU unites all of us in a common mission- to support the women's health community through excellence in clinical practice, education and training, and research and scholarship. As such, all GSO providers who contribute to the uniformed services' medical education or research should have the opportunity to receive an academic appointment at USU. 

Benefits of a Faculty Appointment

Resources: Access to University resources (like the LRC to support your research and education work, and opportunities to participate in Department of Gynecologic Surgery and Obstetrics projects. 
Networking: Connection to peers around the world and across disciplines in both Obstetrics and medical education, as well as opportunity to both participate in and recruit participants for different professional projects. 
Impact: Opportunity to influence both the general and military-specific fields of Obstetrics, and to play a role in educating all future military physicians. 
Professional Development: Access to University-sponsored Faculty Development, and information from the Department of Gynecologic Surgery & Obstetrics on additional opportunities. 
Career Growth: Academic rank is an important discriminator in civilian academic medicine, and for the military, may impact military promotion and selection for military leadership positions. 

Faculty Ranks 

Assistant Professor: Entry level faculty rank. Faculty members at this rank will demonstrate the clear potential for achievement and the capacity for productivity in the areas of Scholarship of Application (professional and clinical services). Discovery (conceive, execute, and report on research), and Teaching (effective transfer of knowledge, and leading students to think critically and purposefully). 

Associate Professor: Faculty members at this rank have met and exceeded the Assistant Professor requirements. Associate Professor candidates are recognized by their peers and have established a reputation beyond the parent institution. 

Professor: Highest faculty rank. Professors have achievements in service-wide capacities or national recognition as a clinician and clinical teacher. 

What types of activities are eligible for an appointment?

Eligible activities fall under two domains: educational and research. 

Educational activities involve 

  • the direct or virtual support of USU medical students, uniformed GSO residents and fellows, staff Obstetricians/Gynecologists, Midwives, and colleagues.  
  • teaching women's health knowledge and skills to military physician assistants, advanced practice nursing students, corpsmen and medical assistants.
  • support and mentorship to other non-GSO military graduate medical education programs. 

Research and scholarship activities in Women's Health involve basic science, clinical science, or big-data studies conducted in collaboration with our students, residents, and staff.

Where can I learn more about faculty appointments and promotion in the Department of Gynecologic Surgery & Obstetrics?

  • Read our GSO Promotion Information Flyer
  • Visit our Assistant Professor and Associate Professor and Professor pages
  • Reach out to the USU Faculty Development Program