Associate Professor of Gynecologic Surgery & Obstetrics (GSO)

Promotion in academic rank is an honor and recognition of your accomplishments and contributions. As a GSO faculty member, we will ask you to continue to support medical students, residents, and faculty in their pursuit of academic women’s health through research and academic mentorship.  We believe your mentorship and support will provide opportunity for others in our large national faculty to be as successful as you have been in your career.

Promotion Eligibility

Promotion from one rank to another is not granted based solely on time in each rank, rather, by your clinical, educational, professional, and scholarly accomplishments and contributions. The progression in these levels is fully detailed in USU Instruction 1100A.

Please review the GSO Guide to Academic Advancement on how to flourish in your current rank and prepare to advance to the next level.

Promotion Process

Find out more about the promotion process and requirements in the GSO Promotion Information Flyer.

Promotion Documents


Educator's Portfolio

  • Purpose: Provide detailed information about your contributions as an educator. Expand on information from your CV and highlight work not on your CV.
  • Use this template to develop your portfolio.
  • To prepare for creating your portfolio, be sure to do continually do the following:
    • Track your work as a faculty member. Here is a sample method for tracking your work.
    • Maintain samples of your work (assessments, curriculum documents, course materials, etc.)
    • Gather feedback 
      • Student/mentee evaluations
      • Peer evaluations
      • Mentor/advisor/senior faculty evaluations
      • Audience/participant feedback
  • The portfolio is optional for Clinical Investigator and Researcher pathways


Representative samples of your scholarly work

  • 4-5 manuscripts in PDF form
  • Should be published (not unpublished or submitted) manuscripts
  • Ideally, provide manuscripts where you are first or senior author