Sherri Rudinsky
CAPT Sherri Rudinsky, MC USN Chair, and Associate Professor Department of Military and Emergency Medicine


The Department of Military & Emergency Medicine educates and inspires USU medical students and others to support and lead in a variety of environments and contextual settings. As the preeminent academic department for the study, advancement, and application of military medicine, the department leads the School of Medicine in preparing medical officers for the clinical, operational, and leadership challenges they will face in the future. We strive to advance the science of military medicine and imbue in our students a career of lifelong learning and service to the Nation.


Department of Military and Emergency Medicine
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RESEARCH: USU Graduates' Preparedness for Military Medical Service


What We Do

MEM is responsible for most of the military-unique education and training across four years of medical school. MEM faculty and staff work with other departments in the School of Medicine and the University Brigade to compliment learners' medical curriculum and professional identity formation as physicians, uniformed officers, and leaders.


MEM faculty and partners conducts requirements-driven basic and clinical research in human performance optimization (HPO) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Civilian and military faculty also pursue integrative and application-based scholarship in military medicine education, leadership, disaster medicine, emergency medicine, and public health.