What We Do

Anatomy and physiology are the foundation to understanding the human body and to developing treatments for injury and disease. Genetics is a key element in the future of medicine transformed by precision medicine-based clinical care. In the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics, we train the next generation of leaders in military medicine and conduct multidisciplinary research to improve health and readiness for the Uniformed Services that also benefits the public health of our Nation and those around the world. 


We lead education of medical students in the pre-clerkship years of the School of Medicine by serving as module and course directors in the "Molecules to Military Medicine" curriculum. Our faculty instructors use innovative approaches to foster learning and professional development across the curriculum. 

We develop future biomedical scientists by teaching and mentoring students in high impact research through the interdisciplinary graduate programs, with specific expertise in the Neuroscience Program and the Molecular and Cell Biology Program. 


Our research addresses the most critical health challenges, including neurodegenerative and cardiopulmonary diseases, traumatic brain injury and chronic pain. World class expertise in genetic studies complements cutting edge techniques for translational analyses. Our investigators maintain active collaborations with the National Institutes of Health, as well as other federal, academic, and commercial partners. 


Our APG faculty and staff are deeply integrated in efforts to protect and care for our service members in support of the Department of Defense and the Nation. 





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