As the Laboratory Core Director of The American Genome Center, we conduct and support research and translational studies focus on elucidating genetic influences and polygenic risk factors associated with occupational and environmental exposures that contribute to common complex human diseases in the neurological and cardiovascular health areas relevant to military service members. Our laboratory’s expertise is design and implementation of strategies using large-scale whole genomic sequencing for population-scale health consortium studies. The technical and research teams at The American Genome Center use LIMS-integrated equipment, programmed workflows for robotic liquid handling systems, next-generation whole genome sequencing platforms, high-performance compute clusters and storage area networks for DoD and HHS-wide resource for population genomics studies. Our current study efforts are focused on integrative multiomics characterization of cohorts for the Collaborative Health Initiative Research Program, The Dementia Resolution Study (DISCO), the Accelerating Medicines Partnership for Parkinson’s Disease (AMP-PD) and The Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Consortium Follow Up Study (ADSP FUS). With the data sharing initiatives from these studies to the public domain, we aim to contribute to intermediate-phase discoveries of novel genetic variation contributing to health outcomes within the military and civilian population.



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