Nephrology and Hepatology

Our division is driven towards the military need and requirements based. Colonel Ian Stewart and Karl Alcover, PhD, Xiaoming Zhou, PhD, and Colonel Maura Watson are leading our research and work in this department.

We are currently conducting a clinical trial Blood Filter for the Treatment of Severe COVID along with other trials in our Surgical Critical Care Initiative.

Col. Stewart has a strong interest in combat casualty care research, including the acute management of organ failure and the long-term consequences of combat injury. He has extensive experience obtaining and combining data from multiple Department of Defense data sources, and manages collaborations between Military Treatment Facilities, academic institutions, and industry partners. His impact on the field of combat casualty research has been recognized with numerous awards including the Major General Archie Hoffman Award, the Donahue Award for Research Excellence, and the USAF Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Research Award.

Professor Zhou researches tourniquet- and sepsis-induced acute kidney injury, and sickle cell disease-induced chronic kidney injuries. 

Assistant Professor Alcover is an epidemiologist and biostatistician, specifically focusing his research on long-term health outcomes, injury, substance use, and mental health.  Prior to arriving at USUHS in 2020, he was a post-doctoral research associate in substance use research at Washington State University in Spokane.

Colonel Watson focuses on ICR. She is currently the Program Director of the NCC Nephrology Fellowship at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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Blood Filter Clinical Trial Information: