our mission

We support basic and clinical research in cardiology, infectious diseases, hematology, immunology, clinical pharmacology and nephrology. Ongoing research includes sudden cardiac arrest and arrhythmias, vaccine development for leishmaniasis, TB and influenza, MRSA; prevention of skin/soft tissue infections in troop; management of PTSD through social media; development of humanized mouse models for immune responses, hemophilia inhibitor formation, multiple sclerosis and sickle cell research. Currently, extramural funding for research includes NIH RO1 and R21 grants, 3 CMPH grants, DoD and foundation funding, as well as industrial programs.

Our researchers include Scott, Pazgier, Arronson, Brumeanu: 


"The department’s research mission is to investigate and disseminate knowledge that improves education, research, and clinical practice, to optimize military health care to better serve our patients, their families, and the nation."

COL. (Ret) Paige E. Waterman, MD, FIDSA, FACP