What We Do

The Department of Anesthesiology of the Uniformed Services University (USU) of the Health Sciences contributes to USU’s mission to support the readiness of America’s Warfighter and the health and well-being of the military community and nation.

We prepare specialists focused on military operational anesthesiology, from the battlefield and disaster relief to combat casualty care, through excellence in education, research and scholarship, and leadership and service. We provide the nation with anesthesiology leaders dedicated to career service in the Department of Defense and the United States Public Health Service.

We promote excellence throughout the Military Health System in operationally focused, academic anesthesiology via optimized clinical care improvement, dedicated faculty development and mentorship, and innovative research and scholarship.

We are a global leader in military and operational anesthesiology practice, education, and research. The Department of Anesthesiology is dedicated to providing an inclusive and supportive environment; identifying and removing barriers to inclusion and success in anesthesiology; and continually improving our cultural responsiveness and programmatic development and implementation. We remain open, practice cultural humility, and take efficient action to ensure students, residents, faculty, and staff have equitable learning and work environments that foster success and well-being.