Military Anesthesiology Clinical Readiness Program


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The Anesthesiology Clinical Readiness Curriculum is a program accessible by web or app and  designed to prepare military Anesthesiologists and CRNAs to care for those in harm’s way in operational environments. From initial trauma resuscitation to critical care in a prolonged field care environment, expeditionary anesthesiologists or CRNAs deployed to a forward operating location must be capable of providing the full scope of anesthesia care for those injured in combat. The information contained in this curriculum represents the current knowledge and best practices, standard guidelines, and protocols developed over the last 2 decades by providers caring for those in harm’s way.

The curriculum is intended for fully trained and credentialed anesthesiologists and CRNAs. The curriculum is broken down into six domains of knowledge, including: Trauma Care, Transfusion and Resuscitation, Acute Pain Management, Critical Care and Prevention, Expeditionary Anesthesia, Neurologic Injury. Each domain has multiple dedicated topic areas. Each topic provides a quick reference guide, and a more in depth summary of the most important information is provided. In addition, each topic includes references that guide anesthesia care in the operational environment. The curriculum also includes hundreds of questions with thorough explanations and references provided to help you identify your own knowledge gaps.


To enroll in and access the Anesthesiology Clinical Readiness Curriculum please complete this request. This initial registration will take up to a week to ensure DoD IT security. After enrolling, the program can be accessed at canvas.usuhs.edu or on your mobile device by downloading the Canvas Student app. Your CAC card will not be required for accessing the program after initial enrollment.

To access the assessment when available, you will need to register at KSAregistration.starttest.com. Registration requires your NPI. After registration, ITS will send you a direct link to the exam. Test takers will be able to complete the 200 item exam through Internet Testing Service (ITS).While not required, it is strongly recommended that all test takers access the rich content resources through the USU Canvas site ahead of taking the Anesthesiology Knowledge Assessment.

anesthesiology-ksa-program-ggg@usuhs.edu with any questions regarding the program or enrollment in the curriculum.