Anesthesiology Faculty Resources

As a faculty member in the USU Department of Anesthesiology (ANE) you are responsible for actively supporting the USU education and research mission.  Your appointment provides you access to various USU resources and networking opportunities. Please use this page to find information on some of the programs and resources which you are eligible to both participate and serve in as a USU ANE Faculty member. We will also send out new opportunities and information in our Newsletter. We encourage you to participate in as many of these opportunities and resources as possible as you support the USU education and research mission. 


In an effort to connect faculty across the DoD and Public Health Service, the ANE Department created a Faculty Networking Database. The goal is to provide information on individual areas of expertise and interests, and to foster collaboration and mentorship both within the USU Department of Anesthesiology and throughout all MTFs. To enter your information into the database please fill out the Networking Survey and your information will automatically populate in the Faculty Networking Database.

  • USU Faculty Development: supports the mission of the Uniformed Services University to educate, train and prepare uniformed services health professionals, officers, and leaders to directly support the Military Health System. Faculty members in the USU Department of Anesthesiology are eligible to participate in the faculty development opportunities that this program provides. To learn more about the USU Faculty Development opportunities and programs please visit the Faculty Development page. To view their upcoming development opportunities and past newsletters please visit their self-service site
  • ANE Faculty Mentoring and Coaching: To assist you with your faculty professional development the ANE Department has both a Faculty Mentoring Committee and Faculty Coaches.
    • ANE Faculty Mentoring Committee: Works to identify and address faculty promotion and mentoring needs, and prepare candidates who are ready to apply for academic promotion. Please email the Faculty Mentoring Committee ( with any questions you have as you prepare to apply for academic promotion.
    • ANE Faculty Coaches: ANE faculty members who assist ANE faculty one-on-one with questions about the academic promotion process and requirements, and assist faculty members with preparing their promotion documents. Please email the Faculty Mentoring Committee ( to connect with a coach. If you’re interested in becoming an ANE Faculty Coach yourself, please email (
  • To learn more about the ANE Faculty Appointment and Promotion Process please visit the ANE Faculty Homepage, the ANE Assistant Professor Page, and the ANE Associate Professor and Professor page. Additionally, please review the following documents:
  • Opportunities: There are many ways for ANE faculty to get involved with and contribute to the education mission. Supporting the education mission can include teaching on site, curriculum development, creating course materials, mentoring, and more, with the targeted learning group ranging from medical students to current providers.
    • To learn more about our education programs please visit the ANE Education page. If you would like to get involved with or have suggestions for Medical Student education please email Dr. Robert Vietor (, ANE Clerkship Director.
    • Additionally we will also share opportunities to engage in our education efforts in the Newsletter, and via email as the need arises.
  • Preparing for Promotion: Remember to keep track of your activities by updating your CV regularly and maintaining records of your education work. Here is a sample method for tracking your educational activities. Additionally please remember to:
    • Gather feedback
      • Student/mentee evaluations
      • Peer evaluations
      • Mentor/advisor/senior faculty evaluations
      • Audience/participant feedback
    • Keep samples of the materials you develop (e.g. assessments)
  •  Visit the Associate Professor and Professor page for more promotion resources, and review the Instruction 1100A for a detailed description of the targeted skills at the next academic level.
  • Opportunities: Supporting USU’s research mission can be achieved through personal research which you connect to the USU ANE Department, participation in ANE Department Research projects, and collaboration with other USU faculty and students.
    • Sign up for, contribute to, and search the USU Anesthesiology Research Database
    • Visit the ANE Research page for tips, guidance, and opportunities
    • Work with GME students and residents on local quality and performance improvement projects
      • Ensure your publications include your USU Department of Anesthesiology affiliation
  • Preparing for Promotion: Remember to keep track of your work, update your CV regularly, and maintain copies of your work. Visit the Associate Professor and Professor page for more promotion resources, and review the Instruction 1100A for a detailed description of the targeted skills at the next academic level.

The LRC staff also welcomes requests for searching assistance and questions about specific resources.

Below are a list of some resources to explore awards which you may be eligible to receive. Awards not only provide recognition for the work that you’re doing, but also serve to increase the audience for your work, provide new networking opportunities and enhance your promotion package. Please let us know ( if you know of other awards which we can add to this list:

  • Hospital awards- most hospitals provide awards. Please ask your department or command leadership about what awards exist and how you can apply for them.
  • National organization awards:
  • USU ANE Faculty Awards
    • “Outstanding USU Anesthesia National Faculty Member”- awarded to a current ANE faculty member who had the greatest impact on student education during the current academic year. Candidates are nominated to the ANE Education Committee by any ANE faculty member, and the winner is awarded at the USSA annual meeting.
    • “Outstanding USU Anesthesia Site Director”- awarded to the Site Director (must have an ANE faculty appointment) who had the greatest impact on the Anesthesia Clerkship during the current academic year. Candidates are nominated by the ANE Chair, Clerkship Director, Clerkship Coordinator, Residency Program Directors, and Site Directors. The winner is decided by the ANE Education Committee, and announced at the USU annual Site Director meeting.
  • How do I update my information?
    • Information Change: Please provide any changes to your information (location, rank, status, etc.) to the ANE Department ( and the Faculty Development office (
    • Separation: Please contact when you have plans to separate from the military and we can assist you with next steps regarding your appointment status.
  • How do I verify my Anesthesiology faculty appointment?
    • Email

Information about the USU Faculty Listening Post can be found on the Faculty Development self-service site. The listening post is a place to report incidents and concerns, and to provide suggestions. 

CRNAs and SRNAs interested in contributing to the education and training of the next generation of military anesthesia providers are highly encouraged to participate in the many USU opportunities available to them. Some of these engagement opportunities include: