The USU Translational Medicine Unit (TMU) was founded in the late 1980’s as the Clinical Pharmacology Unit by Dr. Louis Cantilena, MD, PhD. It is a storied unit with major contributions to medical product development and scientific literature. CPU was one of the first units to identify and thoroughly investigate cardiac repolarization injury. This led to landmark publications, as well as bold advocacy that led to relabeling and in some cases withdrawal of potentially unsafe pharmaceuticals.

The CPU conducted a long list of regulated and investigator-initiated clinical trials in the areas of cardiac drug safety, drugs of abuse, antimalarial pharmacology and others over the last 25 years. The studies conducted supported the development of compounds to reduce cravings for drugs of abuse, two recently approved antimalarial drugs developed by the US Army, and cardiac safety studies.

The CPU was renamed the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) in 2010, and continued to conduct outpatient clinical pharmacology research. In 2017, the CRU began to provide clinical trials service support to other investigators at the University with relevant projects.  In 2020, COVID-19 brought support for new studies by the USU Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program.

In 2021, we became the Translational Medicine Unit. The TMU has grown to include a pediatric research team. We currently conduct more than a dozen COVID-19 and non-COVID studies. We continue to provide clinical trial support to other Investigators at the University on a space-available basis.  Moving forward, the TMU aims to conduct 2-4 clinical trials a year of novel products to benefit military medicine and to protect and treat warfighters engaged in Multi-Domain Operating environments.


Previous Research and Publications

The TMU’s portfolio has included studies of

  • Multiple cardiotoxins
  • Opioid analgesics
  • Substances of abuse
  • Anti-malarials
  • Anti-steatosis products
  • Vaccines
  • Other drugs and devices.
  • Post Concussive and Posttraumatic Stress


TMU Publications:


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