The Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs serves as a faculty advisor and works to promote an academic environment that supports, enhances, and rewards the activities of all School of Medicine (SOM) faculty, whether located on campus, throughout the United States, or around the world. This office plays a key role in guiding the SOM’s medical education programs and substantially shapes USU’s approach to LCME accreditation and the production of outstanding physician-leaders for the Military Health System and the Public Health Service. We provide an advocate in the Dean's Office to serve all the faculty of the SOM. Initiatives for this academic year include an expansion of mentoring opportunities and individualized career consultation and coaching.

We provide a Dean’s Fellows Program, Dean's Annual Faculty Teaching Awards, and faculty/leadership development seminars offered throughout the year tailored to support faculty with specific needs - including junior, mid-career, and senior faculty, those new to the School of Medicine, and those navigating the promotion and tenure process individual consultation to faculty members.


Around the School

Each year the Dean’s Advisory Committee selects faculty members for the awards based on their outstanding performance as educators during the preceding academic year. This year four faculty members have been recognized for excellence in teaching by Dean (Dr.) Arthur Kellermann.

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Vincent Ho, M.D., professor chair of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences and chief of Radiology Services at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), has been named as The Geneva Foundation’s Researcher of the Year based on Ho’s research quality, dissemination, mentorship, innovation, collaboration and impact.

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The Silver Snoopy Award, presented by NASA’s Space Flight Awareness program, is given to the agency’s employees and contractors for outstanding achievements related to human flight safety and mission success. The Silver Snoopy Award was presented to Army Col. (Dr.) Richard Scheuring, an associate professor in USU’s Department of Military and Emergency Medicine, who is a flight surgeon at NASA.

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Faculty appointments are awarded to those who both routinely and on occasion teach our students. For those who do not have routinely scheduled involvement with USU teaching programs, the prefix Adjunct is assigned to faculty at either the Assistant, Associate, or full Professor level. A non-prefixed title is given to those who teach at one of our core military treatment facilities on a routine basis.

If you are new to teaching our students, and don’t currently have a faculty appointment and are interested in applying for one, use the Online Faculty Appointment System to apply for Adjunct appointments, and appointments at the Instructor and Assistant levels. For faculty appointments at the Associate or Professor level, contact your sponsoring department.

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The F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine Faculty Appointment System online workflow is for any Assistant Professor or Instructor rank appointments. For faculty appointments at the Associate or Professor level, contact your sponsoring department.

Please contact Thomas McFate thomas.mcfate.ctr@usuhs.edu with any questions about the online appointment system.

For general questions about USU Faculty Appointments, including eligibility, please contact your sponsoring department.


Faculty, both pre-fixed and non-prefixed, billeted here at USU or at military teaching hospitals, may apply for appointments at the ranks of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Each level has specific qualifying criteria for promotion to the next rank. In general, the criteria involves teaching levels, scholarship, professional service, time-in-grade, publications, and research, based on the title and rank of the promotion. Faculty requesting a promotion in faculty rank undergo a rigorous vetting process at both the departmental level, and at the university level. In general terms, one must be at the Assistant level for 4-6 years before requesting promotion to Associate, and at the Associate level at least 6 years to apply for a faculty rank of Professor.