Rotation Options 

 Please find descriptions of the required and elective Anesthesia rotations below. Please visit our Scheduling Information page for directions on how to schedule or change rotations. 

Please contact Mrs. Kellie Nealeigh with any questions.

Required Clerkship

All students are required to complete a 4 week clerkship in Anesthesia. The required clerkship, Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Military Physicians, can be completed during a Selective block of the Clerkship Year, or during one of the Advanced Clinical Rotation blocks during the Post Clerkship Year. The required clerkship must be completed prior to participation in elective Anesthesia clerkships.

Experience: This course introduces students to anesthesiology and focuses on skills required of every military physician such as airway management and IV catheter placement.  Students will spend the majority of their time in the operating room but will also be exposed to other perioperative medicine locations.  Utilizing and integrating their understanding of physiology, pharmacology and pathology, students will join the anesthesia team as they safely guide patients through surgery.  Students are evaluated with a multiple choice final exam, graded observed patient encounters and by their site director’s final evaluation of performance.    

Rotation grading: Grading for this rotation is H/P/F. Grading will be based on submission of the required course paperwork (signed Goals and Objectives sheet and completed rotation Passport) and performance on the end of rotation exam, observed encounters, and Site Director’s final evaluation 

Sites: WRNMMC, NMCSD, SAMMC, TAMC, FBCH, Bremerton, Eglin, Camp Lejeune, WBAMC, WAMC, Fort Hood, Jacksonville, MAMC, Nellis, NMCP 

Sample Daily Schedule:

Every day on anesthesia is unique.  Times and experiences may vary depending on your clerkship site.  At most sites, surgery begins at 0730 and ends around 1500.  You will spend most of your days in the operating room with the anesthesia team.  You will work with anesthesia residents, staff anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists.   The schedule below is an example of a typical day in the operating room: 

ANE sample daily schedule


Elective Rotations

After successful completion of the required clerkship students may participate in Anesthesia electives. These 4 week elective rotations are taken during the Post Clerkship year and are graded Pass/Fail. Please refer to the Scheduling Information section below for details on how to schedule the elective rotations.

ANR 4220 Chronic Pain Elective 

Experience: Students will be involved in the care of patients in the pain management clinic. They will be responsible for supervised evaluation of new and established patients. They will participate in performing appropriate regional conduction blocks, and developing outpatient treatment regimens. In addition, they will assist with inpatient consults.


ANR 4223 Anesthesia Advanced Operating Room Experience

Experience: This MS4 clerkship experience is designed to build upon students’ past Anesthesia clerkship experience(s), providing them with greater exposure to, and a stronger foundation in anesthesia.  Students are expected to perform airway management and place IV catheters with minimal supervision.  In addition, students will be expected to create complete anesthetic plans for surgical patients. By the end of this rotation students will be prepared to begin a residency in anesthesiology. 

Sites: Bremerton, Eglin, Camp Lejeune, Fort Belvoir, Fort Bliss/WBAMC, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Jacksonville, Korea, MAMC, Nellis, Okinawa, Pensacola, Portsmouth, NMCSD, SAMMC, TAMC, WRNMMC

Acute Pain Elective

Experience: Students will learn about the management of acute pain patients on this rotation.  Rotation will include time on the acute pain service rounding on post-surgical and acute on chronic pain patients.  They will also observe and assist with preoperative nerve blocks for surgical patients.  In addition, students will rotate on the anesthesia OB service to learn about neuraxial anesthesia for childbirth.    


Note: This course should appear in the course catalog soon, however you may begin scheduling this rotation now.

Other courses/Sites

For any course or site not listed on here, which you’d like to pursue, please complete the USU 114 form (Form Link).  Submit the completed 114 form to the Clerkship Coordinator (Kellie Nealeigh for Department approval.  Note that processing the request takes time, especially when a new site agreement is needed, so please be sure to submit the completed 114 well in advance of the proposed rotation start date.