Scheduling Information

Required rotation scheduling will take place with OSA. Any changes to your required roration will require OSA approval. Please contact Kellie Nealeigh ( sends e-mail)) for assistance with this process. 

For elective requests at all sites but SAMMC initiate the elective request with the USUHS Anesthesia Clerkship Coordinator ( sends e-mail)).  The Clerkship Coordinator will work with the Anesthesia Department at the targeted site to establish availability. If the site can accommodate the request the Clerkship Coordinator will let you know, and you can then update your registration in Empower.

For elective requests at SAMMC initiate the elective request by completing their site request form ( is external)).  Once you’ve successfully scheduled the rotation please email the details to the Clerkship Coordinator ( sends e-mail)) and update your schedule in Empower. SAMMC typically does not allow more than one Anesthesia rotation at their site by a student during their audition months, so please plan accordingly. However, they will use the required rotation as an audition rotation; just be sure to communicate that intent to the department. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Kellie Nealeigh ( sends e-mail)) with any scheduling related-questions. Please also update Kellie Nealeigh with any changes to your Anesthesia rotation schedule.