Paul Crawford


Colonel, Air Force

Department of Primary Appointment:
School of Medicine
Family Medicine
Director of Medical Education and Director, Clinical Investigations Program
Location: Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV
Research Interests:
Integrative Medicine
Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
Office Phone


2012--Medical Acupuncture Certification, Helms Medical Institute
2007--Faculty Development Fellowship, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1998-2001--Family Medicine Residency, Eglin AFB, FL
1994-1998--Medical Degree, Penn State College of Medicine
1990-1994--BS with Honors in Animal Bioscience, Penn State University


Colonel (Dr.) Paul F. Crawford, III is the Director of Medical Education, 99th Medical Group, Nellis AFB Nevada. Col Crawford was commissioned through the Health Professions Scholarship Program in 1994 after graduating with Honors from Penn State University. He completed his Doctorate of Medicine degree at the Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA. Dr. Crawford completed residency training in Family Practice at the Eglin Regional Hospital, Eglin, AFB, FL, in 2001 and served as Chief Resident his final year. He is board certified in Family Medicine. He entered graduate medical education in 2004 after serving three years as a full time clinician and completed a family medicine faculty development fellowship at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2007.
He was selected to be part of a team to stand up a new Family Medicine Residency at Nellis AFB. While Associate Program Director and Program Director, Col Crawford 6 times successfully achieved maximum length program certification from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The Uniformed Services University recognized him with promotion to the academic rank of Full Professor of Family Medicine in 2016 and Outstanding Preceptor Award in 2012. He has presented nationally at many medical conferences, published >50 articles, multiple medical journals, edited for three different national groups, and served on the board of directors for two national organizations. He was awarded the US Air Force Physician Educator of the Year in 2014. He was deployed to 506th Expeditionary Medical Group, Kirkuk, Air Base in 2005/2006 as well as humanitarian missions to Paraguay and Peru.

He has extensive experience with research and publishing, and has authored >50 publications.

Representative publications, projects, and/or deployments

Crawford P. Think Acupuncture First. External grant by Acus Foundation through Cooperative Research and Development Agreement.

Crawford P, Moss D, Pickett H. Rapid Extremity Pain Relief by Battlefield Acupuncture After Orthopedic Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Trial. $412,000. (External by DMRDP/FY12 DHP 6.7 program: DMRDP/FY14 DHP 6.7 program

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Deployed to Kirkuk , Iraq in 2005-2006

Awards--STFM New Faculty Scholar, USAF Physician Educator of the Year, ACC Clinical Researcher of the Year x 2, AFSOC Junior clinican of the Year


Crawford P, Thai C, Oberholz J, Clark J, Schievenin J, True M, Hallgren J, Clark J, Sharon D. Assessment of the effeCt of lIfestyle iNtervention plus water-soluble ciNnAMon extract On loweriNg blood glucose in pre-diabetics: A randomized, double-blind, multicenter, placebo controlled TRIAL: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2016;17:9. DOI: 10.1186/s13063-015-1138-7.

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