Deborah C. Girasek


Department of Primary Appointment:
School of Medicine
Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics
Professor & Director of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division
Location: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD
Research Interests:
Social & Behavioral Aspects of Unintentional Injury Control
Office Phone


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Maryland
M.P.H. University of Michigan School of Public Health, Michigan

Career Highlights: Positions, Projects, Deployements, Awards and Additional Publications

Member of Editorial Board, Injury Epidemiology (2013-present)

Member of DoD;s Military Injury Working Group, in support of the 3 Star Safety & Occupational Health Steering Group (2014-present)

Member of the National Park Service's Drowning Prevention Advisory Board (2014-2016)

Paper was one of six selected from the journal “Injury Prevention’s” 20 year publication history, based upon its impact on the field (2015)

Recipient of the Outstanding Biomedical Graduate Educator Award, USUHS (2014)

Appointed to the NOAA Operations and Assessment Team for Hurricane and Post-tropical Cyclone Sandy (aka "Superstorm Sandy") (2012-13)

(Selected Additional Publications) Girasek DC. Advice From Bereaved Parents: on Forming Partnerships for Injury Prevention. Health Promotion Practice 6(2):207-213, 2005.

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Girasek DC. How members of the public interpret the word accident. Injury Prevention 5:19-25, 1999.

Representative Bibliography

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