Matthew Dolan


Department of Primary Appointment:
School of Medicine
Location: Other Location
Research Interests:
HIV/TB Epidemiology and Clinical trials
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Massachusetts Institute for Technology, SB, 1981
Dartmouth Medical School, MD, 1985
Residency, Internal Medicine, Wilford Hall, 1988
Chief of Medical Residents, Wilford Hall, 1989
Fellowship, Infectious Diseases, Wilford Hall, 1991


Matt Dolan grew up in Flint, Michigan, and worked as an assembly line worker for Chevrolet and as an employee of the Flint Water Department before attending MIT. He graduated early from MIT, and worked as a staff scientist at the Basel Institute for Immunology before attending Medical School at Dartmouth. His military career included time at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center as the chief of infectious disease, SAMMC infectious disease fellowship program director and Air Force consultant (specialty leader) in infectious diseases. He oversaw a virology and immunology lab there, where collaborative work led to a role as a guest speaker on NPR "Science Friday". Operational work at the start of the Iraq war on the WMD investigation was recognized with a bronze star by the Army, and 2 subsequent rotations in Iraq at the request of the White House. Subsequently as Director of the Defense Institute for Medical Operations, Dolan led work in global health training and education abroad which he continues today as a civilian. He worked for the HJF/ NIAID Phidisa program in South Africa for 7 years, developing research in HIV and TB, and leading weekly case management calls with South African military and contract physicians.

Career Highlights: Positions, Projects, Deployements, Awards and Additional Publications

Master, American College of Physicians

Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of the Americas

Outstanding Science and Engineering Educator, Air Force Association

Bronze Star Medal, US Army

Humanitarian Service Medal, US Navy

Gold Headed Cane Award, Wilford Hall

James Leonard Award for teaching, USUHS

"Clinical Grandmaster" special experience identifier, Air Force

Laurate Award, American College of Physicians

Medicine Staff Teaching Award, Wilford Hall

Representative Bibliography

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Dolan et al, CCL3L1 and CCR-5 influence cell-mediated immunity and affect HIV pathogenesis via viral entry-independent mechanisms. Nature Immunology 8:1324-1336, 2007

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